Hi, This is
M. Asif Jamil

Digital Marketing Manager @ XpeedStudio

I help businesses grow using the power of storytelling, in-depth audience analysis,
and a solid marketing strategy!

I help businesses grow using the power of
storytelling, in-depth audience analysis,
and a solid marketing strategy!

Brands I've Proudly Contributed to —

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My Areas of Expertise

Among the many hats I've worn professionally till date,
the below skills represent me the most —

Brand Strategy

Without a proper strategy in place, branding and marketing is just a lost cause. My aim is to steer brands in the right direction with a solid strategy it deserves to win its audience!


Writing has always been my strongest suit and in conversion copywriting, I found my true calling! Storytelling, fused with the audience's pain points, is my all-time favorite.

Research & Analysis

Playing with data and interpreting different insights about them has always been fun to me. That's why I believe in data-driven marketing and utilize it in whatever I do!

Growth Hacking

Finding the right metrics to hack & grow, running crazy experiments & A/B tests, optimizing efforts based on data, turning coffee into ideas — mmm, smells like monday!

What People Say About Me —

M. Asif Jamil is a very talented, hardworking, honest, gritty & head-strong young professional. His efficiency and sound problem solving attitude amaze me on a daily basis. He learns quickly and can apply them with ease. He is also very skilled at brand management and digital marketing. I'd strongly recommend him.
Anowar Sadat
Deputy Manager, BYLCx
I have been working with M. Asif Jamil for more than 2 years now. He is an excellent copywriter and I must praise his creativity. He is a quick learner and can adapt easily. He also has good marketing knowledge that helps him create good strategies. Wishing him best of luck for whatever he does.
Mainul Kabir Aion
CMO, Staff Asia
Mr. Asif Jamil is one of the brightest people I have ever come across. He is a sincere & dutiful leader. If you take any problem to him, M. Asif Jamil will do everything he can to provide a solution. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a naturally charismatic leader or an all-round marketer.
Anjum Fida Hasan
CEO, Bhromon
M. Asif Jamil is a person with great skills and profound expertise in marketing and sales. He is target-oriented, ambitious, and self-motivated, his knowledge is vast and thorough. He worked with me in my team and his performance at Staff Asia is highly impactful. His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the company.
Sardar Monsur Ahmad
Digital Marketing Coordinator,
Staff Asia
Asif Jamil writes well. Really well. He's also hard-working and eager to learn. Both qualities I valued during his time with us. I wish him the best for his future.
Taufiq Ul Haque
Founder, Fraktal Creative LLC

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